About The Practical M.B.A. Series

What they do and don’t teach you in Business School

Our choice, our times! What will it be?

The Practical MBA series delivers the goods fast and with no-holds-barred, in a trilogy of books ranging from Economics, Marketing, to the Guerrilla Guide for Entrepreneurs, all at warp speed. With the distractions of our digital age, we often suffer from living in clutter of information without seeing the strategic directions and clarity of the dynamic changes that affect our careers, companies and business in our daily lives.

College degrees are overrated, ask Jobs, Gates, Ellison and Edison, where it seems like much of our deliverables of formal education is an overpriced relic from the industrial age. There is a plethora of exciting YouTube learning available, but much of it is fragmented, without creating the complete picture on a macro level.

The Practical MBA series equips you with the big picture, then takes deep dives, with full easy-to-understand comprehensive applicable knowhow and advanced learning in commerce, with intellectual clarity that will exponentially move you up the learning curve, and make sense of the world we live in, while putting your career and business in overdrive.

The Practical M.B.A. series…….take over the World and beyond!