Joseph Gulesserian

Practical MBA

Chapter 1

Economic Ideas at a Glance

  • Organization of Industries (Types of Competitors)

Chapter 2

Monetary Theory and The Central Bank

  • Monetary Theory and The Central Bank
  • A first Look at Bitcoin
  • Goldsmiths & Private Money
  • Fractional banking & Money Creation
  • A brief history of Central Banks
  • Expanding the money supply
  • Quantitative Easing printing
  • The Moral Hazzard- are we rewarding incompetence?

Chapter 3

Some Macroeconomic Tools

  • Circular Flow of Income (the flow of money)
  • Gross Domestic Product

Chapter 4


  • John Maynard Keynes: The ideology of the unintended consequences of big government
  • The Keynesian Multiplier (Fiscal stimulation)

Chapter 5

Inflation and its many faces

  • Richard Cantillon (Too much money chasing too few goods)
  • Inflations Devastating Consequences
  • The Phillips Curve/ Inflation/Stagflation
  • Types of Inflation
  • Home Price inflation
  • Asset Price Comparison Relevancy

Chapter 6


  • Why work matters
  • Types of Unemployment
  • Effective Unemployment Numbers (Government numbers vs real numbers)

Chapter 7

Bretton Woods and the 1944 Mid Century Reset

  • The Rise of the U.S. Dollar & The Adjustable Peg System
  • The International Monetary Fund / International Lender of Last Resort
  • The Chinese Debt Trap
  • The Case for Free-Trade
  • The Competitive Advantage of Nations
  • Mercantilism
  • Commercial Diplomacy and the GATT Rounds
  • The emergence of the WTO

Chapter 8

A Brief History of Booms and Busts

  • Adam Smith - The Father of Modern Economics
  • The Anatomy of a Bubble
  • 1921 Depression
  • President Harding & Laissez Faire
  • The 1929 Depression
  • Causes
  • The Great Depression Begins
    • The Hoover New Deal
    • How Hoover deepened aggravated, prolonged the depression.
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal 1933
    • FDR's New Deal Aggravates & Prolongs the Great Depression
    • The Great Depression: Some Final Thoughts

Chapter 9

A Short History of the 1970's

  • Nixon takes the US dollar off Gold
  • Opec Crises
  • Inflation and Stagflation

Chapter 10

Roller Coaster Rides

  • The 1987 Stock market crash/ A Rendezvous with the Enigmatic
  • The Dot Com Bubble/A new Century, New Technologies, Same Exuberance

Chapter 11

The Great Recession - A Crises of liquidity

  • The Great Recession-A Crises of liquidity

Chapter 12

The Phantom Returns For an Encore - The 2020 Meltdown

  • The Renaissance of Inflation
  • Back to Housing Inflation
  • Wall Street & The Feds Re-inflate the Bubble
  • Band Aids Vs. Cures
  • Asset Purchases & Re-inflating the Stock Market
  • Bailouts and Share Buybacks
  • The Fed is in a Trap
  • Capitalism Built America and are Bailouts Ruining It?

Chapter 13

A Tale of Two Economies

  • The Great Divide
  • Renters & Landlords
  • Main Street and the Feds
  • The Cabalatocracy
  • The Wealth Inequality Gap- Is there a way out?
  • Back To Inflation

Chapter 14

A Brief History of Sovereign Debt Default

  • More Sovereign Defaults
  • Seizing Foreign Revenue Creation of Assets
  • Defaults in the 1970’s to 80s and The Baker Plan.
  • The Asian Financial Contagion
  • The Russian Ruble Crises 1998

Chapter 15

A House of Cards

  • A Peak into the Ponzi Scheme
  • A Made in China Ponzi Scheme
  • More Debt for the Old Debt
  • Looking for the Villain
  • Taxation Reform & The Rich
  • Government and Central Bank Options

Chapter 16

Shelter from the Storm

  • Gold
  • Oil
  • Semiconductors
  • Agriculture and Industrial Metals
  • Real Estate
  • Bitcoin

Chapter 17

The future of tomorrow

  • Wage Inflation
  • The Middle Class Need Not Apply
  • Hard Backed Currency, the Central Banks & Sovereign Debt Default
  • The New World Order and The Great Re-Set
  • Central Bank issued Digital Currency
  • The former USSR & Mao’s China
  • State Run Capitalism
  • Americas State Run Capitalism and the Cabalatocracy
  • A More Durable Communism Dressed as Equity
  • Become your own Central Bank